Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage Cornwall

If you love your dog, you'll want them to have a great holiday too!

Let your dog walk, run and swim!

Little Molvenny is the perfect dog friendly holiday cottage Cornwall, with wonderful dog friendly trails, great beaches that they can play on, swim and feel the sand between their paws, you'll find a warm canine welcome at many cafe's, pubs and restaurants too!

Little Molvenny is the perfect dog friendly holiday cottage in Cornwall.

Your dog is part of your family and we know you wouldn’t enjoy your holiday in Cornwall if your pooch wasn’t there to enjoy it too. Paddy, our westie, comes with us whenever we go away so we know just how important it is to find a place that welcomes dogs. South Cornwall is a great place to bring your dog on holiday with miles and miles of coastal and inland pathways to explore and beautiful dog friendly Cornish beaches. Paddy, lives in the house when we are there and loves soaking up the sun on the patio or being off and out on one of the many walks in and around Porthcurno.

Dog friendly holiday cottage and dog safe!

Little Molvenny, Cornish holiday cottage, is particularly dog friendly and safe as it is far from any busy roads, at the end of a private lane with only our house, next door, so no dangerous traffic to worry about. Plus the holiday cottage has a gate you can close to help keep your dog enclosed but with an area to run around in. When you are relaxing inside the house, just open the glass door to the patio area and your dog can wander in and out but still stay in view and in an enclosed space.

Dog friendly holidays out in Cornwall

Below we will tell you some of the best dog friendly holidays out in south Cornwall, beaches that allow dogs (most have seasonal control but there are a few that allow you to walk your dog throughout the year). We also tell you about some great days out and places to visit where dogs are welcomed and of course we will give you some great cafes, pubs and restaurants that are happy for you to bring your dog, most have special treats and dog facilities as standard. We will also give you some information about local vets and other essential services, just in case you have need of them. You are very welcome to bring up to two dogs to stay, we also welcome your well behaved cat, tortoise, pet rabbit or goldfish!

Walking with your dog in Cornwall

We know your dog will love to run and bound along the hill tops, so we do like to remind you to take care near cliff edges as many are unprotected and can be slightly hidden with gorse or bracken. Please be mindful that there are many working farms in Cornwall and so when crossing fields we ask that you keep your dog on a lead if there is any livestock, especially during lambing and calving time.

Dog friendly beaches in Cornwall

Like the rest of the country, many of the beaches in Cornwall have restrictions on either allowing dogs on the beach or allowing dogs without leads on the beach. Most operate these restrictions between Easter and October, so do check (link to guides) which will give you guidance on specific beaches and the controls in place. Your dog will find nothing more fun than being able to bound about with you and play in the fresh air of the beach and feel soft sand below their paws and of course play in the rolling surf on the shore.

Dog friendly beaches to the east of Porthcurno

Pedn Vounder:Dog friendly beach Cornwall

At Pedn Vounder which is to the east just along from Porthcurno, dogs are allowed on the beach throughout the year. This is one of Cornwall's best beaches with stunning cliffs of Treryn Dinas, crystal clear water and a beautiful sandy beach. On a spring low tide one can walk to Pedn Vounder from neighbouring Porthcurno beach (dogs are resticted here) but be warned, as the tide comes in you will not only find yourself cut off but facing a climb up the steep cliff "path". Pedn Vounder is an unoffical naturist beach.

Porthleven: Dog friendly beach Cornwall

Porthleven is another spectacular beach to the east of the cottage where you will find miles of sand and shingle, stretching in an easterly direction, when the tide is out. Porthleven beach is next to the the granite pier of the harbour and accessed from Porthleven village. Please be aware that there are strong undercurrents here so keep your dog from swimming to far out, and bathing is not advised. Please note: Dogs are welcome on this beach except between 1st May and 30 September (09:00am - 07:00pm) when a seasonal dog ban is in place. This ban operates from the Harbour Wall eastwards to the flight of steps (known as the Blue Buoy steps). On the rest of the beach there are no restrictions.

More Dog friendly beaches to the east of the cottage

Heading towards Penzanze you will find: Eastern Green beach, which is largely shingle but as the tide retreats a mixture of sand, silt and fine shingle is uncovered. Prussia Cove is a rock bed cove that is a great spot for a quick stop or if you happen across it on a walk. Wherrytown Beach is one of the three peaches close to Penzance, so a perfect place for you and your dog to get a spot of fresh air and exercise while exploring this historic Cornish town. Longrock Beach - A safe family beach with sand and pebbles. Favoured with Penzance locals as it is the most easily accessible stretch of sandy beach from town. Swimming here is particularly safe due to the very shallow drop. Dogs are allowed all year round.

Little Molvenny, Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage Cornwall
You'll need more than one visit to fit everything in!

Dog friendly beaches to the west of Porthcurno

Gwenver: Dog friendly beach Cornwall

To the west of the cottage you will find Gwenver's beach, the name comes from the legend of Gwynevere of Authurian. The beach is situated at the base of a grassy cliff and is fairly secluded and in-accessible enough to not get really crowded. The beach itself is sandy and around 150 metres long. At high tide the beach slopes steeply into the sea and can be dangerous, at low tide Gwenver joins up with Sennen beach. Picture: Thanks to Rod Allday / Gwynver Beach, via Wikimedia Commons

Nanjizal: Dog friendly beach Cornwall

Heading west from the holiday cottage, towards Lands End, you will find Nanjizal beach. This beach is a must and has been given the accolade of one of the finest beaches on the Penwith peninsula! Nanjizel Perhaps due to it's relative inaccessibility, there is no car park close by, Nanjizel has remains more or less deserted and never gets busy. Most of the people you will see here are walkers doing the coast path. Nanjizel is also a good spot for seal watching, particularly round the corner at Zawn Reeth. One of the most striking features is the chasm of Zawn Peggy directly opposite on the cliffs at Higher Bosistow. Here is a great walk that was suggested by the Guardian that starts from Nanjizal Beach: Secret Beaches in Cornwall

Gurnard's Head: Dog friendly cove Cornwall

To be strictly accurate this isn't really a beach more a land mass and promontory that juts out northwards into the sea of the north west Cornwall coast. Should you be on the South West Coastal path and walking towards St Ives from the direction of Lands End, then this will be one of the many beautiful cliff walks you will come across. Perhaps as a result of it's less sheltered position this spot can be best appreciated on stormy days when the Atlantic seas are crashing against the rocks. You and your dog will love the many ups and downs over the rocky headland.

More Dog friendly beaches to the west of the cottage

Heading towards Lands End, Sennen, St Ives and beyond? Progo beach, which is little know rocky beach, great for dogs that like to jump around and explore the rocks and boulders. Porthmeor Cove further north towards St Ives and St Just – rocky foreshore but great fun for man and dog alike. Clodgy Point Beach Despite being seperated from Porthmeor beach by a a few hundred metres it is a completely different world. Golden sand is replaced by a rocky foreshore and the backdrop is fields and cliffs.

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